Learn How Rebound Relationships Work In Your Favor

Published: 04th September 2009
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If you have broken woman of your dreams and she is in a rebound relationship, how do you get her back?

A rebound relationship is one where she is dating someone else to get over you.In order to keep from having to deal with the difficult emotions of a breakup many poeple will have a rebound relationship.Rebound relationships are used to help people move on emotionally after a real love has ended.

Therin lies the key to winning your love back. She is in the rebound relationship in order to deal with the loss of you!

It matters not why she lost you. It doesn't matter who was responsible for the problems. It doesn't even make a difference who actually ended your relationship off. All that matters is that you relationshipshave a real lovefor each other.

Because virtually any relationship founded on real love can be saved (with some effort).

If she's in a rebound relationship, she will be focusing on what is wrong with your relationship. If you are a nice guy she will now be with a real jerk. If you a sport enthusiast he will be an intelectual. Or, vice versa.

The fact that she is actually focusing on the differences in your styles is really good for you for two reasons. Her thoughts and emotions are still of you even when she's with her new man. And, it gives you a chance to see what she's looking for and what kind of adjustments you may need to make (if you are sport minded think of it as your halftime adjustments to counter the other guy).

If she's with someone who is your exact opposite, it means that she was missing something in your relationship(perhaps you were not spontainious or exciting enough). You can use the time she is in her rebound relationship to make a few adjustments.

Let the rebound relationship run its course. After she has spent enough time with him she will begin to notice all his faults and by comparison you flaws will seem as nothing. After a month or so with rebound man, she may discover he really isn't all that wonderful(in fact she may discoverwhat an ass he really is) and you'll start to look like a real prince.

That's why you don't want to go crawling back to her right away in fact never ever go crawling to her at all she will think you are weak and needy (that is a big turn off). Let her begin to realize how much she really misses all the good things in your relationship and how much fun you had together. When she's ready to make a move, be magnanimous. Welcome her back graciously. Be much the same as you were but maybe a little more attentive (pay more attention to her needs and what she is saying), but don't do the chasing (let her think it's all her idea).

Here are some specific steps to take when your ex love is in a rebound relationship:

Do not try to convince her that you are the love of her life. Let her discover this on her own. Smile act happy and let her think you don't really need her so much as you do (be a little aloof).

Don't apologize profusely. If you did something wrong, you can say you're sorry. Once. Do not show weakness she will use that against you so just move on. She already knows all your good qualities and why she loved you to begin with.

Don't make promises to change. You are who you are and that's who she fell in love with. You should never lower yourself and never become a different person just to please another because in the end you will resent it and you will no longer be the person she fell in love with.

Don't try to make her see that it wasn't your fault. She will come to appreciate that over time - but only if you haven't made her invest energy in defending her position that it was your fault.

Never, ever beg her to take you back.
Do not persue her let her think all is fine with you she will come to you.

When you ex starts going out with someone just after you break up, she's in a rebound relationship. You can make up with her and get back together. Don't despair. The rebound relationship is a sign that she's still in love with you.

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